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Monday, February 11, 2013

Cheshire pool bubble collapse UPDATE

Freaky is the word Cheshire Parks and Recreation director Bob Ceccolini uses to describe experiencing two blizzards within two years resulting in two collapses of the synthetic bubble over the Cheshire Community Pool.
On Saturday at 3 a.m., due to the weight of the snow from the recent raging blizzard, the bubble collapsed according to Ceccolini.
“I’m not 100 percent sure, but right now I think you’re looking at the pool being closed until May when we normally would take the bubble off for our spring swim season,” Ceccolini said. “Our bubble isn’t like the bubbles that you see above soccer fields. When those bubbles collapse they just fall to the ground.
“Our bubble has a support system above the pool. When the bubble collapses, it falls onto those supports and tends to rip. We have a rip and we need to have the manufacturer (Arizon Air Domes of St. Louis, Mo.) look at it and that will happen later this week. We also have to go through our insurance company and FEMA to access the damage.”
Cheshire High boys’s swim coach Fran Connolly said nothing is confirmed, but with the Cheshire Community Pool bubble collapsed, the Rams’ one remaining home meet with Branford on Feb. 20 will likely be held at Branford.
“(Cheshire athletic director) Steve Trifone is working hard to reschedule our one remaining home meet and he’s working hard to arrange for practices with the bubble down,” Connolly said. “Most likely our meet with Branford will now be at Branford. We’re hopeful that we can use Cheshire Academy’s pool for practices. They’ve been very good to us in the past. But all that is still up in the air at this point.
“It’s been a little frustrating for all of us. We haven’t been in the water since last Thursday.”
Ceccolini said during the blizzard two years ago he and others were clearing the base of the bubble when the storm hit. But the top of the bubble is 50 feet high and can’t be reached, allowing the snow to collect.
“Two years ago we couldn’t get to the top and just hoped the heat inside would cause the snow at the peak to melt and slide off,” Ceccolini said. “It didn’t happen and the snow just kept piling up on top of the bubble. I was actually standing next to it and watched it collapse.
“No one could ever anticipate this happening once. But to have it happen twice in two years, it’s freaky.”
For now, all events and programs at the Cheshire Community Pool are cancelled indefinitely.
“The bubble will likely have to go back to the factory to be fixed or possibly be replaced,” Ceccolini said. “This certainly means an end to the indoor season at the pool.”

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