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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Football: Cheshire hopes to play on turf this week
Officials involved with the turf project at Cheshire High have confirmed a rumor that there is an outside chance the Rams football team could play its first game on the turf this Friday against Wilbur Cross at 7 p.m.
Playing on the turf this week all comes down to Mother Nature
. Sheehan High was secured weeks ago to host the Cheshire “home” game with Wilbur Cross if it is necessary.
“Using the turf this Friday is totally weather dependant at this point,” said Bob Behrer, chairman of the Cheshire Turf Committee. “The crew from Georgia (construction company Shaw Sportexe of Kennesaw, Ga.) is installing on schedule but the issue of weather comes at the end game. Sand and rubber infill can not be done in the rain according to their foreman.”
Cheshire High athletic director Steve Trifone echoed Behrer’s remarks and said rain later this week could delay the final phase of installation.
The information on indicates a 70 percent of rain for Wednesday, 30 percent chance for rain in the morning on Thursday and 40 percent chance for rain early during the day on Friday.
Regarding another rumor, Trifone and Behrer shot down the notion that the installation of the new track surrounding the turf field will be delayed until the spring.
“I am not aware of the track installation being delayed until spring,” Trifone said. “The weather should be fine for the track installation this fall. Daytime temperature must be around 42 degrees and late October, early November should cooperate with those temps.”
Behrer said if the area has normal fall weather the track installation will start “the week of Oct. 17 and be finished in 2-3 weeks.
“Again, this phase is dependent on the weather,” Behrer said. “We’re talking temperatures of 42 degrees and rising in the morning with no moisture (rain) because of the bonding and coating that needs to take place.”

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