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Friday, July 10, 2009

All-Area softball Sunday/All-Area baseball Monday

All-Area softball will appear in Sunday, July 11 paper.

All-Area baseball will appear in Monday, July 12.

There is no All-Area team for Saturday.

We try to present the All-Area teams in a more charasmatic way, with color cutouts of each team member. We feel strongly that it makes the teams look more special, however it is more difficult to guarantee when the teams will run.

If we did a basic black and white page, or portion of a page with black and white head shots, these teams would have all been published by now.

The size of the paper and the color positions are based on ads sold, both display ads and classifieds. That determines the size and where the color positions are located, so unfortunately we can not request one color position for 12 straight days as we would love to do.

We understand your frustrations and appreciate your patience.

We promise you the end result will be a sharp looking page your children will be able to cherish for a long time.




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